EQ Fill

Endodontics is a specialization of dental science concerning treatment of dental pulp = a soft pulp tissue also known as the nerve, in a root canal of a tooth. Recent developments in the endodontics have been unprecedented. The endodontic treatment allows the “dead” tooth restoration and potentially prolonging its important chewing function in the mouth.

The most common reasons for the loss of tooth vitality are deep tooth decay, trauma, malfunctions (teeth grinding). If you are, in despite of these circumstances, interested in maintaining your tooth’s chewing or esthetic function, the proper endodontic treatment is necessary.

During endodontic treatment, two main procedures need to be done:

1. Disinfection – is a procedure, which combines several different disinfecting agents, that are supposed to kill all the bacteria present in the root canals after the nerve lost its vitality.

2. Obturation – after the root canals were disinfected, they need to be filled with a homogenic and hermetic root filling. The filling must fill all tiny, narrow and curved spaces within. No place should be left unfilled, otherwise it could be colonized by the bacteria in the future, and could potentially trigger the inflammation of the tooth.

In our ambulance, we use the latest EQ-V master tool with 3D technology for obturation. EQ-V master enables warming of the root filling = gutta percha. Warming makes the filling material more flowable, and continuous condensation with special pluggers enables it to be spread and compacted all over the thin, narrow canals properly. This hermetic filling improves the prognosis of the “dead” tooth for the future functioning.

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