Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is one of the most difficult treatments in dentistry. This treatment requires a variety of materials, rinse solutions, as well as various devices which make the treatment easier and more effective. One of these devices is an apexlocator that can measure the distance of the root canal instrument from the end of the root (apex).

During endodontic treatment, the dentist inserts an endodontic file inside the root canal which widens and cleans the canal with a rotary motion. The apexlocator built into the “drill machine” reports during this cleaning procedure how deep the endodontic file is in the root canal. It allows dentists to clean the canals accurately and safely. This reduces the risk of leaving some debris in the canal, or irritation of periapical tissues when the instrument goes too deep.An acoustic signal alerts the depth of the rotating endodontic file, without need to visually monitor the device, so the dentist can fully attend to the treatment.

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