Dental surgery
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Surgical procedures on hard and soft tissues.Preventive, therapeutic and cosmetic procedures in local anaesthesia.

If a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, your dentist will try to fix it with a filling, crown or other treatment. Sometimes, though, there's too much damage for the tooth to be repaired. This is the most common reason for extracting a tooth.

Here are other reasons:
-some people have extra teeth that block other teeth from coming in
-people getting braces may need teeth extracted to create room for the teeth that are being moved into place
-people receiving radiation to the head and neck may need to have teeth in the field of radiation extracted
-people receiving cancer drugs may develop infected teeth. These drugs weaken the immune system, increasing the risk of infection. Infected teeth may need to be extracted
-people receiving an organ transplant may need some teeth extracted if the teeth could become sources of infection after the transplant. People with organ transplants have a high risk of infection because they must take drugs that decrease or suppress the immune system

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