Dental hygiene
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The best and most proven form of prevention against tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. The entry examination can show the signs of even the smallest damages to your enamel. We will remove all plaque and tartar and professionally polish all of your teeth’s enamel. We will educate you about correct dental care, introduce you to the latest dental hygiene tools, and show you how to use them most effectively and simply in your daily life.

Good dental hygiene is so important to your health because if you cannot keep your teeth and gums clean then you start to loose your teeth as time goes by and then it becomes harder to eat the good fresh foods you need to stay healthy.

G ood dental hygiene keeps your teeth health and this is necessary for proper speech, eating a good variety of foods and having a good natural smile.

Now all this is just a bonus to having good dental hygiene. If you don't brush daily, then you could develop gum disease. Gum disease can come to all ages, so everyone, old and young, needs to have good dental hygiene.

One of the nicer things about having good dental hygiene is that is cuts down on the bad breath. Most bad breath is caused by plaque build up that is causing bad odors come out of your mouth. If a person gets too much plaque build up from bad dental hygiene her or she can develop gingivitis, periodontitis which produces terrible bad breath

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