Why did my tooth break?

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Why did my tooth break?
Sep 19, 2021

Tooth fracture is a very common reason patients visit a dentist. It is usually caused due to a decreased resistance of the tooth when chewing.

In standard situations a healthy tooth is very strong and resistant, that makes it suitable for its main role, which is biting and processing the food.

Decreased strength and therefore its predisposition to break may be caused by several factors:

- having untreated cavities that weaken the tooth

- having endodontically treated teeth (with removed dental nerve)

- having tooth broken when being hit in the face or mouith, or by other pathology (i.e. resorbtion)

- having large, old amalgam filling, that don ́t support the enamel of the rest of the tooth

- grinding or clenching your teeth, using your teeth inappropriately as tools, or tooth wear caused my incorrect position in the mouth.

In case the broken part of the tooth is small, it usually can be repaired with a standard hard white filling.

Though, the breakage is usually of greater size and represents major part of the tooth or its cusp. In these cases teeth need to be covered with a full or partial crown. Crowns and half crowns (onlay, overlays) enable us to reconstruct the tooth aesthetically and functionally. If combined with a proper dental hygiene of the patients, crowns give the teeth long-term protection and may prolong the tooth prognosis.

Crowns are very often recommened for endodontically treated teeth. These „dead teeth“ are fragile, and weaker, than vital teeth. According to scientific research covering the chewing portion on pulpless teeth with the crown helps prevent fatal tooth fracture, which would otherwise end up with extraction.

Modern technologies, such as CEREC, which includes special software, a scanner, and a 3D printer can produce crowns, half-crowns and other prosthetic within several hours. Thanks to this, patients can have their treatment done in 1 day. In certain situations, prosthetics can be manufactured in dental laboratory, that might take a few more days.

In either situation, crowns represent aesthetic solutions for your teeth, sometimes not noticable from your other teeth in the mouth.

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