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2011 – 2016: Dentistry, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

  • Grade Point Average 1, 34; Top 11% of all dentistry program students, Academic scholarship for 2015 academic year

2008 – 2009: Apple Valley High School, Minnesota, USA

  • Honor’s roll nominee – reward for the outstanding academic results

2006 – 2011: Private Slovak – English bilingual grammar school, Žilina

  • High school leaving examination: English - excellent, Biology – excellent, Chemistry – excellent , Slovak language – very good
Work Experience:

2018 – Present: General dental practitioner, Pearl Dental

  • Application of conscious sedation on children via oral application
  • Dental restorations, endodontics using warm vertical condensation technique
  • Magnification loupes, Microscope and Dental dam used during procedures
  • Single-visit CEREC restorations

2017 – 2018: General dental practitioner, Emergency dental care ambulance, Tri Veže

  • Improved my diagnostic skills and determination of emergency causes in cases with very limited information
  • Decision making under condition of risk and time pressure

2016 – 2018: General dental practitioner, ProCare

  • Responsible for dental ambulance, key skills learnt: independence, dental practice management


  • General dental practitioner, My Smile


2018: Dr. Katarína Cyprichová, Internship

  • Leading pedostomatologic doctor using modern techniques in children dentistry, oral sedation and general anaesthesia.

2012 – 2016: Dental practice in dental clinics in Žilina, Banská Bystrica and Bratislava

Additional Education:

2021: Reendodontic Treatment, Dr. Pauliška, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2021: Online Master Classes: Complete guide in veneer preps, Bonding of Ceramic veneers. Belograd Academy

2019: Antibiotics in dental ambulance – Dr. Vladimír Ščigel

  • General principles of antibiotic therapy, up-to-dates and progress in ATB treatment, antibiotic prophylaxis pronciples.

2019: High risk patient in dental ambulance – Dr. Vladimír Ščigel

  • Odontogenic focal infection, polymorbid patient, antibiotics and other pharmacologic interactions.

2019: Preprosthetic surgery – Dr. Martin Tomeček

  • White and red aesthetics in prosthetic tooth reconstruction, planning and clinical steps in prosthetic and conservative treatment.

2019: Dental summit congress, Prague

  • Live shows on re-endodontic treatment of molar tooth and molar crown preparation, seminars on treatment of MIH teeth in children, endodontic treatment of teeth with immature roots, Vannini’s aesthetic stratification, immediate tooth implantation.

2019: The Prosthetic strategies – Dr. Mauro Fradeani

  • Full mouth esthetic and functional prosthetic rehabilitation, VDO modification, interdisciplinary collaboration.

2019: Practical lectures of Dr. Nožička and Dr. Kaloš

  • Perioodontology, Endodontics, Adhesion, Fixed Prosthetics.

2019: Current procedures and trends in endodontics – Dr. Arnaldo Castelluci

  • Ultrasonic tips, Protaper Next instrumentation sequence, Micro-endodontic surgery.

2018: Ultimate teeth whitening, Pure Whitening – Dr. Petr Zvolánek

  • Combined whitening procedure, consisting of home and ambulant phase of whitening for persistent and stable esthetics results.

2018: XX. Prešov Stomatologic Days, Prešov

  • Ultrasound tips used in Endodontics, CAD/CAM blocks, Pedostomatology

2018: Practical lectures of Dr. Nožička II., Tatranská Lomnica

  • Fixed Prosthetics, Composite Inlays/Onlays, Metal-ceramics restorations, High frequency Electrosurgery

2018: XII. Young dentists congress, Senec

  • Articulation and occlusion, Interdisciplinary cooperation between orthodontics and maxillofacial treatments

2018: Removable prosthetics summary – Dr. Radek Mounajjed, Hradec Králové

  • Specific lecture with the leading prosthodontic doctor, a member of American Prosthodontic Society

2017: Slovakodent 2017- Žilina

  • Oral surgery on patients with bisphosphonate therapy, Oral microbiology, Amalgam vs. Composites

2017: Propaedeutics of postendodontic treatment – Dr. Ladislav Gregor, Brno

  • Specific lecture on daily work at dental practice, using modern adhesive techniques

2017: Adhesive propedeutics – Dr. Ladislav Gregor, Brno

  • Specific lecture on daily work at dental practice, using modern adhesive techniques

2017: Endodontic summary I., II., III. – Dr. Daniel Černý, Hradec Králové

  • Detailed 3-day lecture focused on every part of endodontic treatment

2016: International dental student congress, Brno

2016: Pedostomatologic summary – Dr. Katarína Cyprichová, Hradec Králové

  • Specific lecture on modern pedostomatology.

2015: Free lecture in Hradec Králové, Dr. Daniel Černý – Selection of conservative dentistry

  • Caries removal, composite filling procedures, endodontics.

2014: Dental summit congres, Praha

  • Workshop on incisor crown preparation with Dr. Radek Mounajjed, Workshop on children crowns with Dr. Katarína Cyprichová.

2014: Endodontic lecture – Dr. Radek Lacina, Brno

2014: Don’t miss the Swiss, Adhesive reconstruction of vital and non-vital teeth, Znojmo 2013: International dental student congress, Brno

  • Endodontic workshop with Prof. Dr. Renato De Toledo Leonardo, Brasil

2012: “Healthy teeth in Healthy Brno”

  • Active participation in an educational project about dental prevention for public
Language and other skills:
  • English language: Language Certificate with scientific specialization, C1 level
  • Spanish language: A2 level
  • Member of the international organization Mensa
  • Driver´s license, group B
Personal Interests and Characteristics:
  • Playing the piano: 9 years active
  • State piano finalist in Minesotta, USA
  • Sports: skiing, hiking, traveling